Magazine Feature spotlights abu dhabi as choice city for law firms

[April, 2009]


Will Abu Dhabi overtake Dubai as the main regional hub for law firms? The jury is out. Although Abu Dhabi is facing tough economic times, most law firms are doing better than those in neighboring Dubai. Downturns in the real estate and tourism sector have hit Dubai much harder while Abu Dhabi also benefits from a large petroleum revenue to fall back on.

Legal services in Abu Dhabi center around government projects, oil and gas, defense and regulatory work. And the volume of work has increased in recent years. The government's push to become a cultural, media and entertainment hub for the Middle East will open up a number of future opportunities for law firms.

The spike in litigation has prompted US firm Kalbian Hagerty to bring the necessary expertise in-house rather than outsource it, according to Haig Kalbian, one of the firm's founding partners.

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Law firms are opting for Abu Dhabi rather than Dubai to weather the global financial crisis