Phospho-Soda and Kidney Failure

If you or a loved one have used Fleet Phospho-Soda or a similar bowel-cleansing product and then suffered kidney failure, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Fleet Phospho-Soda or FPS is an over-the-counter oral laxative commonly used at high doses as a bowel cleanser in preparation for colonoscopy procedures and colon surgery, usually used under the direction of a physician. However, FPS (including similar sodium phosphate products and generic versions) have been associated with kidney failure (renal failure) due to a medical condition called acute phosphate neuropathy. In numerous patients, this has led to dialysis, kidney transplant, or even death. For more information about kidney failure caused by FPS, see the FDA Alert issued in May 2006.

If you believe you may have been injured by FPS or a similar product, call Kalbian Hagerty at (800) 214-8174 for a free attorney consultation. If you wish, your case may be handled on a contingent-fee basis so that you only pay for legal services if you successfully recover.

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Protect Yourself Before a Colonoscopy

You should not avoid having a colonoscopy because of the risk of kidney failure from a bowel cleansing product like Fleet Phospho-Soda. But you can protect yourself by discussing this with your doctor before the procedure.

Print a copy of the FDA’s Information Sheet for Healthcare Professionals and bring it to your gastroenterologist. Make sure your doctor knows that this rare but serious complication has occurred in patients who had no apparent contraindications for use of Phospho-Soda, including some who have used the product previously with no ill-effects. Your doctor may perform screening procedures to ensure that the bowel cleansing product you use is safe for you.

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